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    Opening Driver error - EEPC 6.0.1

      Hello All;

      We are having an issue with some machines showing as un-supported system status once EEPC has been deployed;


      We have enable the debug logs, and are using the log reader to format the logs;

      There are 2 messages in the logs that are very concerning,  one is a debug log, and the other is a warning.


      2010-6-10 15:25:8,944 DEBUG MfeEpeHost
      From uuid =  f2437072-5664-42df-89f4-550ae56ba53f
      From Service = MfeEpeOsLogonLibService 
      To uuid = 59ebac5e-74a4-11df-934f-001e37fdef7c
      To Service =  MfeEpeOsLogonLibServiceClient Message =
      <element xsi:type="ns1:OLGetSystemPolicyExc">
            <sendTo serviceName="MfeEpeOsLogonLibServiceClient"  serviceUUID="59ebac5e-74a4-11df-934f-001e37fdef7c"  xsi:type="ns1:MfeEpeAddress">
            <from serviceName="MfeEpeOsLogonLibService"  xsi:type="ns1:MfeEpeAddress">
                  [0xEE040001] Opening  driver


      2010-6-10 15:25:8,960 WARNING MfeEpeOsLogonLibService  .\EpePcOsLogonServiceHandler.cpp:  EPEPC_os_logon_service_handler::get_system_policy: 86: [0xEE040001] Opening  driver


      Does anyone know why I am getting this error "Opening Driver"?  I could not find anything in the KB nor on the communities.


      Nick Diniz

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          Also to note, we have found another machine with a simular error regarding the driver;

          This machine displays a driver error;


          2010-6-10 16:3:20,205 DEBUG MfeEpeHost
          From uuid =  af6bdfb5-ce44-40b5-b220-96696a4d9f95
          From Service = MfeEpeAuditLibService 
          To uuid = 56853de2-0e3e-4e15-aa7b-11a4f60785a5
          To Service =  MfeEpeAuditLibServiceClient Message =
          <element xsi:type="ns1:ATGetAuditsExc">
                <sendTo serviceName="MfeEpeAuditLibServiceClient"  serviceUUID="56853de2-0e3e-4e15-aa7b-11a4f60785a5"  xsi:type="ns1:MfeEpeAddress">
                <from serviceName="MfeEpeAuditLibService"  xsi:type="ns1:MfeEpeAddress">
                      [0xEE020006] Driver  error


          2010-6-10 16:3:20,221 WARNING MfeEpeAuditLibService  .\EpeAuditServiceHandler.cpp: EPE_audit_service_handler::get_audits: 226:  [0xEE020006] Driver error


          I think I will have to open a supprt ticket regarding these errors.


          Nick Diniz

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            I've seen the same thing in ePO for some of my machines, it basically bounces back and forth from un-supported to active whenever I send a wake-up.  By the way, where did you get the log viewer?

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              Nevermind, I searched the community and found a link to Simon's site.  Thank you Simon.

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                Yes the log viewer is a life saver, the formatting of the EEC logs are horrible - score one for Simon

                Hopefully someday the EEPC logs will be formatted into the client logs for the agent.


                As for the error about the driver, rebooting or uninstall/reinstall does not solve the issue.

                We cannot get it to do anything..........

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                  We opened a ticket for this issue, however by the time McAfee support was ready to look at this, the issue magically resolved itself.

                  The user claims they did nothing, and I never did anything on the ePo side, it just started working.

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                    Were there other McAfee products installed? AV, HIPS, DLP?

                    Automatic updates to those could "magically" resolve problems .