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    subscription error?

      Bought this computer 6 months ago, I bought a subscription/license for a year and a half  to McAffee. That was the sells pun at the time of purchase.


      Yesterday I received an Email that the subscription is running out  and now was the time to buy a new subscription at a reduced price.



      McAfee has been verified,  everything is legit,  the security center page shows me Subscription Expiration 2/28/2011.

      Liceneses purchased 1


      What happened to the rest of my subscription.  As I see it I have a full year left to go.

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          Sorry,  should had added


          How do I mark this topic to send me Email alerts?

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            Hi Juliet,


            I verified your account details and could see that your subscription for McAfee expires at 2.28.2011 , and this is the date displayed on your security center interface as you said. May I know, Is that some other problem we face with the subscription. Could you please explain.



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            Dinesh K

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              Thank you for replying.

              No other errors or problems that I've seen other then McAfee sending an Email.


              The email explains McAfee can be 38% off if I act now.

              Off er expires June 23 2010


              Risk free renewal