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    TPM support

      If I'm not wrong, with EE 5.2 there was support for Infineon TPM 1.2, I have installed Beta 6.1 and for the moment I can't see TPM as a supported token. Anybody knows if TPM will be supported? And when?


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          It was a very unpopular option, so is on the back burner - is it really important to you? So many people didn't have their TPMs enabled and "owned", even fewer liked the idea of loosing the ability to move a users hard disk between chassis in the event of a hardware problem etc. The security benefit of TPM really is the protection against password guessing attacks, but since algorithms like PKCS5 already give you a pretty robust mechanism, using TPM can be difficult to cost-justify.


          Especially given that it does not protect you from "Evil Maid" style attacks, warm/cold boot attacks, and the fact that key-recovery from a TPM has been proven

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