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    McAfee Agent not working

      I have Updated the McAfee Agent on number of machines but not sure on what all machines it is working. Can anybody please let me know how to check the Working of  McAfee Agent.

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          you can check the agent log remotely via http://%hostname%:%agent/server port usually 8081%

          assuming you havnt blocked this under windows firewall and have allowed remote access to log under agent policies


          you can check the framework service is running on a workstation


          you can bring up the agent GUI by browsing to the cmdagent.exe in the install folder and adding /s to the end in a run command, if you then use the four buttons on the right to tel the agent to process info between it and the server then you will see all the data there or get a red bar if framework is not working.


          you can run a wakeup call from the epo server on the agent and check and see it updates, you can also run the log file from here in epo 4 and above