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    upgrade path for a version 2.0.2 SG300?

      I'm a little stuck here and could use some advice.  Apparently an sg300 we put in ages ago was working great until one of the remote users got a new router at home, and now we're having all kinds of issues trying to get her VPN re-established.  Obviously, this thing is running on a ancient firmware, but it's not terribly clear what the proper upgrade path is to get this thing up to speed.  This version firmware doesn't even support uploading firmware updates... I have to use a tftp server to update it.  Do I need to flash an intermediate (like, say, 3.0?) update before going to something more recent?  And if so, are the older updates still available for download (I have a lot of trouble navigating the site since McAfee took over, so I'm not even sure where to look).


      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!

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          You can upgrade directly to V3

          the download site has an 'archives' link to older firmware.


          that said, I am not convinced you need to do this to fix a VPN issue.


          I cant remember back that far, but there should be a 'status' ( wont be called this though ) link available on the ipsec page for each tunnel....this would be a starting point to diagnosis.

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            After I posted I did some more digging and found the firmware download page.  I used the latest available netflash utility to up the firmware to a 3.x version, then flashed the current firmware via the upload process after that.  In the end, it was uneccesary, but I feel more comfortable having current firmware loaded on the device anyway (at the very least, the new firmware gives me the option to toggle PFS on IPsec tunnels, which just defaulted to always on in the older one.


            The problem, amusingly enough, was a single checkbox on the Linksys VPN router at the other end.  It had been reset, and when the guy tried to restore the settings from a 5-year-old printout he selected a box he shouldn't have.  Just goes to show that you should never believe people when they claim "everything is the same as it was"

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              yes, I have heard that many many times.

              part of the challenge, is tro assume nothing, and inspect youself