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    Security Center issues with Windows 7 (Ran Virtual Tech, lots of problems)

      I just recently upgraded from Windows Vista to Windows 7 but when I re-installed Security Center, I downloaded straight from the website. But, when I went to run the PC Optimization Quick Clean, it would not let me save my settings. Shredder would, but Quick Clean would not let me push the save button. I have read on lots of bugs with this new software, and this definately has to be one of them. Also, I checked a topic about issues with PC Optimization, and unistalled then re-installed the software. This had no effect. Also, I tried to run the Virtual Technician, it fixed a couple of my problems, but it said there were numerous missing files as well as a slew of other errors that it could not fix. Furthermore, when I go to manually check for updates, it just keeps repeatedly checking for updates but never finds any (the progress stays at 0%). Has anyone else had these issues? or can anyone shed some light on how to fix this problem? Any help is appreciated, Thanks!

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