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    Site Advisor pop up

      Help please!


      I keep getting this box that pops up about 10 minutes after being on the internet.  It says:


      McAfee Site Advisor


      Try Secure Search and click with more confidence.

      Secure Search is a fee enhancement to you Site Advisor Software that helps make using the web safer.

      • Risky sites are blocked. You search safer.
      • Address typos are corrected.  You surf safer.

      Secure Search = More protection, less worry.


      Once it pops up it locks up my computer and I have to "End Task" of the internet and start a new session.

      Can anyone please help me remove this pop up.  It is extremely annoying!

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          May I know what is the version of your Internet explorer ? Also let know the operating system that we use in the computer ??

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            I am having the same problem.  Cannot get rid of the pop up and must end task to get out.  When I go to firefox again it pops up in about 10 minutes and locks up computer.  I have been working hard on a thesis paper for school and keep losing my sites due to this and must go through history to find them only to have it happen again.


            Firefox 3.5.9


            McAfee Beta build 4.5


            Windows 7

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              I also have this problem.I have captured the pop up.I also had a mcafee pop up to save 38% of  after updateing.Here is the image.

              Capture 3.JPG



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                I am using Windows Vista Home Premium and Firefox.

                There seems to be a few people with the same problem.  Will McAfee provide a fix to remove this pop up?

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                  I am having the same problem and it's driving me crazy!   It is also important to note that there is nothing to click on within the pop up to activate it if you chose to do so.  There are the two boxes next to the options, and it is possible to click or unclick.  But no way to link to a website via the popup, and no way to close it down.  If I try and access anything else that is open on the computer I get the audible beep warning.  So every time it pops up it is necessary to restart the computer.


                  I am running Firefox with Vista.  Not sure which version of Firefox but I'll check.

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                    I tried using Internet Explorer and the popup doesn't come up.  So until Firefox/McAfee get this fixed I'll be using IE.

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                      I'm having the same problem, I see there are also other threads running on the same issue.  I use Site advisor / Secure search but it still keeps telling me to activate it!

                      I find the problem is on both Firefox and IE, although I haven't had the freezing issue on IE only Firefox.

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                        For people using Firefox:


                        At the bottom of your screen you will see the green SiteAdvisor little box, there is an arrow to the right, click the arrow. You will see search settings. Click search settings. Then you will see "Enable Secure Search Box", check that box. Restart Firefox. And the pop up problem is solved.


                        I don't know how to solve the problem for people using IE, but I'm guessing you have to change the site advisor search settings, so just follow the steps I've just given above.





                        The dumb Secure Search box came back. ERRRR.



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                          If you installed the monthly patches from Redmond yesterday, apparently MS slipped into the list a "search enhancement" "patch" that actually installed as a FF add-on.  They did this without full disclosure, as is common.

                          I do not use Site Advisor, so I did not experience your pop-up problem, but I expect that it is somehow related to this patch.

                          I disabled it immediately, and will probably uninstall it from FF once I learn more about it (there is quite a bit of discussion at the mozillazine forums).


                          Here are the "details" from my Windows Updates log on my desktop, with links to the MS KB article:



                          Update for Microsoft Search Enhancement Pack

                          Installation date: 6/8/2010 5:04 PM

                          Installation status: Successful

                          Update type: Important

                          This update improves performance and reliability of Microsoft Search Enhancement Pack.

                          More information:

                          Help and Support:





                          PS My ISS on my laptop (Webroot) flagged the exe files of this patch and at least asked for permission twice to install it.  McAfee didn't even bat an eyelash.



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