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    Deploying AV from server query

      I have created a policy group on the AV server which excludes / doesn't block email and windows file protection from scanning. A server which is looked after by a 3rd party company needs AV upgrading. I want the 3rd aprty company to upgrade the AV as it falls under their remit.


      As the group is created, can I simply add the server to it, but instead of selecting 'Deploy agent and add systems to current group' just select 'Add systems to current group but do not deploy agents'? Therefore once upgraded by the 3rd party will be picked up by server and relevant policy applied?




      Many Thanks.

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          moved thread to ePO community....


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            Is the machine already listed in ePO? If not, then you'll need to install an agent on it before it can be controlled. In this situation it might be easiest to get the third party to upgrade VSE which will install an agent in standalone mode. You can then install the agent from the ePO server which converts the agent to managed mode, and it will appear in ePO for you to control.


            If it's already under ePO's control, then you can simply move it to the relevant group and let the thrid party manually upgrade the AV.


            HTH -