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    BT Netprotect Plus Problem

      Following the installation of BT's Netprotect Plus software it appears to be working, however, any attempts to run a virus scan imediately produce the error message:



      Unfortunately, running the scan again just produces the same result. Having spent several hours in conversation with two of BT's friendly, if not successful support staff, the problem has now been esculated to level III, but it remains unresolved. During the initial hours of support, the product has been uninstalled, using the McAfee uninstallation tool, and downloaded, and reinstalled several times, without success. Based on BT's track record at providing support, it is unlikely that this issue will be resolved without many more hours of fruitless activity, and in fact, with earlier security products BT they were unable to provide solutions, other than directing me to use a different manufacturer's product. I was wondering if anyone out there has found a solution to this problem, or is experiencing similar problems. A number of posts on other sites related to this issue have suggested that ditching this product in favour of another is the best solution, but I am reluctant to do this at this stage.


      System: Platform XP home (2002) SP 3, processor 2.8GHz P4, 1 GB Ram, 100 GB free disk space, IE 8

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          Hi dbarker,


          Was your issue ever resolved?


          In case it's not resolved yet, it might be best to post this somewhere in our Consumer community so that an expert may see it.


          Did you create this group to discuss your issue? If so, I think the group should be deleted and your message posted in an existing product area.


          Let me me know. Thanks!