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    EEPC 6.0.1 and disk images pushed through MS SCCM 2007

      I'm rolling out EEPC version 6.0.1 to the enterprise, and our Service Desk uses Symantec Ghost 11 and Microsoft SCCM 2007 to deploy images to desktops.


      I've read in several forums where the EETech aka WinTech software is loaded on a BartPE disk to decrypt the hard disk prior to imaging. I'm left with a few questions...


      1. What would happen if I USB boot a machine with an EEPC encrypted hard disk, did NOT unlock the drive using WinTech, and used Symantec Ghost to load an unencrypted image? The secondary question is what happens if I use SCCM to deploy an image to a computer with EEPC installed & the hard disk encrypted?


      2. Is there any way to use EETech alongside SCCM to create a remote image solution, so we can keep our imaging "touchless"? I would like to avoid forcing techs to visit a computer, unlock hard disks with EETech, before they can reimage.