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    EndPoint Encryption AD Connector

      After adding a search group for Disabled Accounts, and a mapping so that it would move my disabled users to the disabled Accounts group on EEM, I started gettinig the following error messages.


      I am not quite sure is a coincidence or a result of the changes.


      I checked the logs and can see the account being moved from a regular group to the disabled accounts group, and they are disabled as well.




      06/08/2010 02:47:14 AM  Checking Endpoint Encryption User EckelM
      06/08/2010 02:47:17 AM  ...cannot change name - new name already used.


      Could you tell me what that means ?


      If the name was changed on AD it would provably do it once and stop, but it keeps doing it every time the connector syncs.

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