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    ePO nothing showing up in System Tree


      May be more of an ePO question rather than an MEE question but ill ask it here anyway to start with.


      Just got my test server for MEE 6.x setup yesterday.  Not very familiar with ePO at all yet so just going by the guides.


      • I installed ePO 4.5 Patch 1 and got the SQL database all setup and all that stuff.
      • I checked in all packages and installed all extensions for the McAfee Agent and MEE
      • Configured all my UBP and other things like that
      • I registered my AD server and tested connection and it tests out fine
      • I setup an automated server task to sync with AD and ran it manually


      Once I run the sync nothing happens.  It takes less than a minute according to the logs and doesnt add anything into the System Tree at all.  I know I am missing something for sure i just dont know what.


      Can anyone help me out here?