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    Annoying secure search popup


      How can I get rid of this annoying SiteAdvisor popup that says "Try Secure Search and click with more confidence"?


      I use McAfee SiteAdvisor extension with Firefox, but don't need this secure search feature. I just want to stop this popup ad from continually showing when in Firefox.

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          I am also having this problem, and what's more, it disables my Firefox browser when it comes up so I have to use the Task Manager to reboot he Firefox browser. Please, please help with this!!

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            What I ended up doing is unchecking the two little boxes at the bottom of the popup screen which allows you to activate secure search and clicked on "finish".


            So far I haven't seen it the popup again and secure search is not activated, so apparently it has worked.



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              Thanks for your response! Yes, I tried that but nothing like a finish button appears for me, and no other buttons either. I scanned the entire popup with my mouse and get no place to click any further, so there is something missing. I have done this about eleventy million times, btw, so it's not like it's just an occasional thing - grr!!

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                It's possible that the pop-up uses Java and/or Flash which you should check are up to date.  Other than that I can't think what would render the Finish button invisible - I would contact Technical Support Chat if I were you.  Linked under Useful Links above, or the McAfee Support link.


                As TomN said, the pop-up shouldn't reappear after the choices are unchecked and the Finish button clicked.



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                  I am getting the same pop up.  It freezes the page.  It doesn't seem to be finishing or giving me a button to cancel or do anything.  I end up ctrl, alt, del.  What to do?

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                    See my previous post.

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                      Hi All,

                      Sorry for the inconcvenience;

                      Please find that the SiteAdvisor popup alert screen does not appear to have a Finish button; The Finish button may be hidden at the bottom of your screen because of your browser font size or Windows display settings. You must click on the Finish button to prevent the popup alert from displaying each time the web browser is opened. Please find the document here that will help you to complete the site advisor pop up.



                      Dinesh K
                      McAfee Online Community Moderator

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                        Wish that helped, tried it all plus reactivated my Secure Search to no avail. Where else could I go to activate the darned thing so it doesn't keep asking me. I still have this coming up and freezing my Firefox, but i usually have access for a while so I could do whatever it needs during that time

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                          Having the same annoying problem. Wasn't sure if it may be a virus...I've included a screen shot and is curious if everyone elses popup is the same..This is stubborn but I do not wanna do anything unless I know that its legitimate!


                          I have IE7 with Windows Vista...IS this thing legit?

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