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    MA 4.5: "Show agent icon" issue

    Attila Polinger



      we are bulding a new ePO 4.5 infrastructure beside an existing ePO 4 P6 infrastructure. The new ePO 4.5 system has a McAfee Agent policy to show the agent icon (in the old system we do not allow showing it).


      We deployed the MA 4.5 agent to the ePO 4.5 server; as soon as it has deployed, the new MA icon displayed.

      We test migrated the management server agent to the existing ePO structure by:


      - importing security keys from the old ePO server

      - importing sitelist.xml from the old ePO server

      - placed these in a temp folder on the new ePO server and issued a "frminst.exe install=agent siteinfo=(path to imported sitelist)


      We could see that the re-direction worked, the MA on the new ePO server has been redirected to the old ePO server, and accordingly, the new MA icon disappeared leaving the VirusScan icon behind (just as we expected).

      Then we again migrated the agent back to the new ePO server, by executing the same logic as described above, only with data from the new ePO server (keys, sitelist, etc.)


      Again, the agent has been redirected to the place it used to be before. However, the MA agent icon did not again show (and were not shown ever since).


      /I know this is crazy to do this kind of migration test on the management server agent, but anyway, this is what we did./


      I changed to loglevel 8 to see if there are any problems with policy enforcement, but  there weren't any errors in agent log. Tried to find the regkey that controls this setting but found none.


      I thank for any useful advice in advance.





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