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    Artemis!FD6D44CBB7B2 Trojan

      Ok, So I paid $89.00 or so to have McAfee fix my computer and they have failed.  I have talked to 6 Level 1 technicians, 5 senior technicians and I still have problems.  I am getting a call back tomorrow from the 6th senior technician but I figured I would seek help here also.


      Basically my computer started with a google re-direct problem, which was solved by a senior technician.  Then it started having pop-ups to random sites, some malware advertisements, some just random.  Eventually the third senior technician ran combofix and found a rootkit which had corrupted a mouclass.exe file.  This file involves recognizes USB mouses (this will be important for later).  I though the problem was fixed but I kept getting pop ups.  The next senior technician had me run mfetool.com/N666.exe.  This was supposed to run in the background and find a problem.  Which eventually McAfee Virus scan said Artemis!xxxxx was bloacked and quarantined.  Great my problem was fixed...but no.  The google re-direct returned so a new senior technician said IE was corrupt and installed a older version of IE to fix the problem.  Now when I start my computer the "Office Genuine Application" has an error, my external hard drive and mouse "malfunction" according to windows, and the mouse stops working about 5 minutes into windows run time.  To top things off, if I start my computer without my internet cable plugged in, the external hard drive and mouse work fine....


      10 McAfee technicians (5 Senior technicians) cant fix the problem...any thoughts.


      Thank you for listening to me vent...I am very frustrated.


      Joe S

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          Sorry to hear you are still seeing issues. I have escalated your issue to the VRS management team this morning. Please let me know if you don't hear anything from them by tomorrow at the very latest.


          Kind regards,



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            Thank you for escalating the case.  I spoke with a technician about 18 hrs ago.  He worked on my computer from 9AM to about 2PM.  He thought he fixed the problem but he asked I do some browsing for 24 hrs and he is going to call me back.  As I was browsing this evening I got another pop-up so the problem is back and is still not been fixed.  Per the request of the technician I took screen shots of the pop-ups.  This is very discourageing.  I will be waiting for his phone call in about 8 hours from now.


            If McAfee can't fix this who can.  I guess I will have to try a different virus removal service....




            Joe S

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              The problem with the external hard drive and mouse has returned.  McAfee was very helfpul in fixing the pop-up and re-direct problem.  I spent hours and days on the phone with numerous technicians.  It took almost 3 weeks to find a resolution.  Finally a tier 2.5 technician was able to fix the redirect and pop-up problems.  I guess it was a Patched-SYSfile.d virus.  We eventually used Windows Recovery Console and the problem with re-directs and pop-ups has gone away.  Unfortunatley, external hard drive and usb mouse problem has returned.


              Whenever I start windows with the external hard drvie connected, the mouse stops working and I get an error message saying USB device not recognized.  I know the easy answer is to say the external hard drive is bad, but I know that isnt the case.  I will be calling McAfee again tomorrow to see about fixing the problem.  I really hope they dont charge me another $89.00.  Maybe I could get some additional help here too.


              Thank you,


              Joe S