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    Internet Connection not working since McAfee update-Windows 7




      Two months ago two of our laptops got Mcafee updates (the one that changed the icon to a shield), and since then, we can't use our wireless router because the internet connection gets interrupted and you have to keep connecting. This is extermely disruptive and I have sent Mcafee support 3 emails and they NEVER answered even though this problem was of their doing. I've seen fixes for windows xp, but they don't work, we have windows 7 on both computers. I have to say, though, I do hope someone looking to purchase Mcaffe reads this post and decides not to go with them, their support is non-existent. Three emals and not one reply? disrespectful and a slap in the face of a customer. I need this fixed, but after my year is through, no way I'm renewing. Anyway, does anyone here know a fix for this? I