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    Defining Printers


      So the options for adding new printers are

      • Add new network printer -  which wants a UNC
      • Scan through OU's
      • Scan through LDAP
      • Scan for shared printers.

      How do you add a bog standard network printer that is not shared or part of a AD schema ?

      All our network printers are just mapped on machines using IP address, does this meen I have to share printers or join them to the domain?


      Cheers for any ideas I guess lots of people must be doing this already

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          I maybe wrong, but I think a printer connected to a TCP/IP port is considered a "local" printer by Windows, whereas one connected via a UNC directly is a network printer. Illogical, but that's what I remember from when you set one up - TCP/IP port printers are always via the "local printer" route, not network printer?

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            Ok, I would agree with you here


            So the next question is, how do you go about defining these printers in dlp?

            Or, becasue of how I have them setup, I can't ?