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      McAfee Labs Sample Analysis McAfee Labs, Automation Thank you for submitting your suspicious file(s). We have determined that the following submissions are handled by our AV signature DAT files.         Analysis Id: 6020644         --------------------                 File Name                    Findings            Detection              Type                      =========                    ========            =========              ====                      bogpqdktssd.exe              detected            generic fakealert!iu    trojan                    DAT 6002 provides cover against all of the submissions shown above. Solution - To ensure that you have the maximum available capability of detecting and cleaning this malware on your system, please make sure you have the latest engine. DAT updates are available at: http://www.mcafee.com/apps/downloads/security_updates/dat.asp Support - Virus Research accepts file samples for analysis and possible inclusion into AV signature DAT sets. We are also prepared to answer general virus questions. All product related questions and comments can be addressed through technical support and customer service, including: * Product installation and update questions * Product usage questions * Specific operating system/version questions * Assistance with detection and cleaning or removal of viruses or trojans Please use the following link to reach our technical support group for McAfee products. Corporate Customers:

      Single User/Retail Customers:

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      I followed the link to update DAT files & got a message that said the update could not be done because it could not find a McAfee compatable program. I have never had any problems with McAfee until I recently renewed my subscription. I have Total Protection 3 user Security Center ver.9.15. and I have sent the same file to McAfee again. Can someone give me some guideance on what to do next? How am I getting this trojan and why does'nt McAfee catch this before it starts messing with my computer? When I have a problem, my processor runs at 100% until I manually do a full scan & remove the trojan. I have Windows Vista Home Premium SP2.

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          When you renewed your subscription did you do a uninstall via Add/Remove programs and reboot, then run the MCPR removal tool found at the top of this page under Useful Links and reboot, then login to your online McAfee accounts and download your software?


          You may have some malware in your computer that is not being detected thus giving you the message that it cannot find a compatible program. This link may help you to further diagnose your issue.Required Reading - Home User Assistance Malware Troubleshooting


          You could try to run the McAfee Virtual Technician found at the top of this page under Useful Links. MVT will scan your computer for any McAfee related issues and attempt to fix any that it may find. You could also contact Technical Support Chat which is free and available 24/7. They have the abilitlity to remote connect in to your computer provided you give them permission to do so and have a lot more tools at their disposal to identify and fix issues such as yours.


          Let us know how this works for you.

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            Peter M

            Moved to Malware Discussions > Home User Assistance.


            You can't update your home products from the Enterprise downloads page, it simply isn't possible, hence that notice that it couldn't find any applicable products.


            If you submitted the file correctly you should have immediately received an automated acknowledgement.   This will be followed by a  manual one eventually.


            See this post for guidelines about manually submitting files:  http://community.mcafee.com/thread/2016






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              I did uninstall from add/remove programs, but I didnot reboot after uninstall. I don't know what a MCPR removal tool is. I looked at the link that you sent, but I could not find MCPR tool. I'm pretty much a novice on computers. I can run virtual technician from administrator and it says that nothing is wrong, but I can't run VT from standard user account. I have had 4 McAfee technicians try to fix this product and nothing works. I'm about to the point to just uninstall McAfee and use another product. All this mess started when I renewed my subscription & I don't understand why McAfee can't fix their product.

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                Peter M

                MCPR is the removal tool.  A forum search would find it or look under Useful Links at the top of this page.  Sometimes a total cleanout and reinstall stops problems.


                There is always free Technical Support Chat available via Useful Links also.

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                  I have run Highjack This from Trendmicro. Please let me know if anyone can find a problem. Keep in mind that I'm a novice at computers and I rely on people with more knowledge. Thanks, Cliff

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                    Peter M



                    We were all novices at one stage or another, so don't feel bad.  We aren't qualified here to read HJT logs but there are several forums which are and I suggest you post the log in its entirety as a copy and paste along with the symptoms on one of the following:


                    AUMHA FORUM



                    BLEEPING COMPUTER FORUM



                    MAJOR GEEKS FORUM



                    MALWAREBYTES FORUM



                    MALWARE REMOVAL FORUM



                    SPYWAREHAMMER FORUM



                    SPYWARE INFO FORUM



                    WHAT THE TECH FORUM



                    Be sure to read all the sticky announcements/instructions at the top of each malware forum!



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                      Thanks Peter, I have posted on AUMHA Forum. Hopefully I can get an answer. I'll keep y'all posted.

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                        Peter M

                        So I see but you posted in their test post area, which is basically for praxcticing posts only.


                        You need to post in Malware Removal:  http://forum.aumha.org/viewforum.php?f=30&sid=7492fefcf43dcbedd0cd1ae9ee95e177

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                          Yeah I goofed. I put it in another. Maybe they will not hold it against me.

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