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    EEPC 5.24 and Autodomain

      We were using EEPC 5.17 and matching Autodomain with mixed success.  Most of the issues were caused by latency on other sites and my failure to add a wait time.  Well we have since moved to EEPC 5.24 because we were told that some of our sbfs issues were resolved one of the newer releases.   I have been testing both 5.25 and 5.5 versions of autodomain but I can not seem to get it to do anything with machines that already exist.  It will move the machine from one group to the templet group, but not delete, recycle or clearkey.  I've pretty much copied many of the settings from the 5.17 autodomain.ini and that worked.  If I remove the machine from the console, everything works fine.   Anyone using autodomain with eepc 5.24?

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