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    Installing HDLP v9


      Hi All,


      What to install HDLP v9 and I need some advise and the best way to install HDLP v9


      Current Setup:

      ePO 4.5 running on Win 2008 Svr

      Database running on seperate Win 2003 Svr



      WCF Installation

      - Is is better to have this installed on ePO Server or ePO Database Server

      - If we are only going to access HDLP thru ePO console will I still need to setup a AD group with users inside


      DLP Agent

      Is this a power intensive agent?

      Once installed is it a seperate icon to the McAfee Agent icon in taskbar or is it also managed via Agent icon


      This will be a new install - never had HDLP installed before.




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          Suggest installing WCF on the SQL Server.

          Setup an AD group for use with Web Access Authorized Group.

          Add users who are allowed to apply DLP policies to ePO to this group. This has nothing to do with how you access ePO/DLP console.


          DLP Agent CPU utilization is completely dependent on how you set it up to run.

          Ensuring a good initial configuration and understanding how DLP works would be the key to a successful deployment.

          Consider involving McAfee Professional Services.


          Like other McAfee products, HDLP Agent has its own Tray Icon.

          Depending on your McAfee Agent configuration, this icon may be part of the "M" icon or may stay separate.

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            Thanks very much for the advise. I have created a AD group and added all users into that group.

            I will install the WCF on the ePO database server to make it easier and more managable.

            Done all SQL database user section. 

            Created the folders needed (evidence and whitelist)

            I will do the installation next week.

            I will definitely look into the setup and configuration of the DLP agent.