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    EEPC 6.0.1 Uninstall fails


      I have a machine that I cannot remove EEPC from. I have a task set to remove the EEPC 6 product and a policy assigned to the machine that has the "Enable Policy" checkbox unchecked so there should be no policy assigned to the machine. However when I look at the Show Encryption Status window it still shows the System state as Active. Shouldn't this be Inactive if the policy assigned to the machine does not have the Enable Policy checkbox checked? Attached is the Level 7 Agent log from this machine. Thanks for looking.

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          Was policy refreshed on Client PC? Maybe it is decrypting hard drives first. What was last policy update time and volume status, seen from Client ePO EE agent window?

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            The policy has refreshed and this machine has never been encrypted. Attached is a screen shot of the status window.

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              Hi,  What do you use version the McAfee Agent , EEPC6 and ePO?

              Try to delete all users of the machine. After updating of policies should be inactive status.  Michal



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                Thanks for the suggestion. I am using Agent 4.5, EEPC 6.0.1 and ePO is 4.5 Patch 2. This is a test machine so I just re-installed the OS to continue testing. I am going to install EEPC again on this machine to see if this was just a fluke.

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                  I got EEPC 6.0.1 to remove from this machine after re-installing the OS and installing EEPC. After I removed EEPC I installed it again on the same machine. When I tried to remove it this time I get "Error occurred while uninstalling EEPC". In ePO this machine is assigned to an Endpoint Encryption policy that is disabled however the machine still lists EEPC as "Active" even after several policy enforcements. Deleting the users form the machine made no difference. It is almost like the machine is not receiving the right policy or cannot properly apply the policy. Has anyone ever seen this?

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                    We are having the same issue as well - but its very touch and go. When I opened a case with McAfee I was unable to reproduce and the issue went away - now i see it resurfacing again.


                    I am continuing to test to see what the issue could be but I havent been sucessful in tracking anything down. One thing I did notice was that when we went to MA it seemed to become more responsive but not always.


                    ePO 4.5 P3

                    EEPC v6.0.1