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    Generic Back Door Trojan notices won't go away

      I installed SyncMyCal to sync my Outlook Calendar with Google Calendar.  Ever since, when I run a sync I get a notice that McAfee Internet Security has removed the Generic Back Door Trojan virus.  I've spent a ton of time researching this and running scans (both McAfee and SuperAntiSpyware), to no avail.  The virus seems to be gone, but the notices continue.


      I have already turned off Windows XP SP3 recovery service, have followed directions to make sure there are no traces of the virus in my registry, and have run McAfee's Stinger.  All of my definitions are up to date.


      Does anyone have any other suggestions on how to stop these false notifications?  I have already unchecked the box in the notification, so the box no longer pops up, but in the list of quarantined viruses, the Back Door Trojan is there, listed once for every sync that's been run.  I took a screen shot of the list of quarantined viruses.


      Extra credit to the person who finds the solution!