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    how deploy a rogue sensor over several networks?



      I'm using an ePO 4.5 Patch 1 with a rogue sensor on our own McAfee Server. It works well since a few months now and I would like to add other range IP addresses to be checked.


      We have an offshore office connected through VPN with an agent handler there. I deploy through the console the installation of the Rogue Sensor on this machine but since... no news... It doesn't appear and the range IP address is not taking care... did I missed something?


      by the way, our VPN range IP address is different than the IP range address of our mcafee server. I decided to add this range to our mcafee but it doesn't seems to take care of it as well... the VPN is handeld by a Cisco ASA and the IP addresses there are pingable...


      Shall I change something on the policy strategy of my rogue sensor, in the range IP addresses? shall I have only 1 rogue sensor for the whole group?


      Many thanks in advance for your suggestions and help.


      Kindly Regards,