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    Pushing Agents, 2 Domains

      hey guys, so im doing a test install of ePO and all its features, and iv set up 2 domains on windows 2003 servers, each domain has a agent on the server and want not.then theres a third server attached to the first domain which has an agent handler. so heres the set up


      Server one - Domain 1, ePO server, ePO DB, Agent,

      Server Two - Domain 2, Agent Handler, Agent

      Server Three - Domain 1, Agent handle, Agent


      I have the Domain 2's agent handler connecting to the ePO servers database using SQL authentication, however, ever since i set this up, i cannot puch agents, to ither domain, im thinking this has something to do with credential issues??


      if so is there a way to do this so that ill still have the ability to push agents, and have handlers in remote domains?



      EDIT - i went though the server.log file and tracker the error down:


      E     #2632     NAIMSRV     Failed to authenticate to \\TEST-SERVER-3, err=5

      E     #2632     NAIMSRV     push agent installation program to TEST-SERVER-3 failed

      I      #2632     MCUPLOAD     Successfully disabled CA trust options.



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