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    "safe" firmware for SG530?

      I have a spare SME530 that I was able to swap out now that my SG565 runs again. However, that SG530 had been plagued by performance problems since some time last year. It has issues under high throughput. e.g. when downloading large files that take an hour to download and the line is almost saturated it tends to reset the TCP connection after some time (10 minutes, 30 minutes, that changes ....). I didn't make the connection with firmware when this first started to happen since most of the downloading of large files is from a single source. But when I switched in the SG565 and the problem went away it became clear that the problem is with the SME530. And it didn't have this for all the years before. I believe now that has something to do with the firmware version. The SME530 is at 3.1.6 and I have the feeling that this (and maybe other "recent") firmware needs more ressources than the unit can supply when throughput is high. Is this a known problem? Is there an older firmware that is likely to be less ressource intensive? Unfortunately, as I didn't make the connection to the firmware back then I don't know with which firmware it started and I also don't have a log of when I updated firmware. I had not updated for a while as no new firmware came out. So, is there a chance if I revert back to 3.1.5 it's already solved or is it more likely that I have to go back to say 3.0.x? Thanks. I just want to prepare in case I need the SME530 again.

      I see that the download site has only 3.1.5u4, dated 2008/02 listed. Is it possible that 3.1.6 has been a beta firmware? If I want to go to an older firmware, how can I do that? I suppose I have to sacrifice all my settings?

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          the 530 is a much lower end product than the 565 and is of a previous generation of models.


          Each major version of frimware has more features than the last, and as such is more 'heavyweight'


          3.1.5u4 is a good version of firmware....very stable.


          as is 2.1.6


          the reason the 530 never saw 3.1.6 is due to lack of storage space on the device...again a reflection of a product built to a price.


          trying other versions of 3.x will not result in an acceptable solution if you find 3.1.5u4 not good.


          so all I can offer other than saying the 530 is a low end product, is to try 2.1.6, which 'should' be a bit quicker....but perhaps not by much at all.


          And yes, you would loose your settings. Take backups, so that if you want to go back to v3 if you decide to.