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    Does FamilyProtection conflict w/McAfee AntiVirus



      Before buying the $39.99 McAfee Family Protection product, I was hoping to determine if it was going to conflict with the McAfee antivirus software that is already on my laptop. It's a work computer and I cannot de-install any of these McAfee products (password-protected by IT dept.). FamilyProtection needs to be able to install cleanly while these products remain on the system. Does anyone know if there will be a conflict with the software listed below?


      McAfee Anti-Spyware Enterprise Module Ver

      McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention 7.00.0601

      McAfee SiteAdvisor Enterprise Plus Ver

      McAfee VirusScan Enterprise Ver 8.7.00003


      I'd purchased Cyberpatrol but when I installed it, the internet access thru a browser (IE or firefox) from the computer completely froze up.


      Any info most appreciated.