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    Tracking cookies


      Not sure if this is the proper place to post this.

      Just curious as to why my virus scan never shows any tracking cookies, quick scan or full. I have McAfee Internet Security Suite provided by my ATT internet service running Windows XP SP3. Is it possible that I have never picked up any tracking cookies? I've had this all about 6 months and not one has showed up.

      Any response would be helpful and appreciated. Just wondering if this is possible or if I have some settings wrong. My Internet Option is set to default for cookies.



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          Hello there,

          When you select Programs and Cookies from the Restore screen in the McAfee SecurityCenter Advanced menu, and then choose to Remove some (or all) of the listed items, McAfee SecurityCenter only reports the deletion of program items.

          Although not listed, tracking cookies are also deleted.

          Hope this answers your question ,



          Dinesh K
          McAfee Online Community Moderator

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            Yes, thank you. Oh, wow...I almost forgot I posted this.