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    Anti Virus Plus 2010 Activation Issues

      I have tried to activate my AVP2010 but each time I do I get to the same point and it is not letting me complete the process... this is the window that pops up.  Am getting tired of entering the Product key time and again and not getting it to work.. any help out there?



      "We're Sorry, but we're having trouble activating McAfee products. you can begin using your products now, but you won't receive automatic product updates.  Don't worry, we'll ask you to continue activating your McAfee products once the problem is fixed. for more help with this problem please contact MA Support"

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          Hi BillyJack,


          Please download and run MCPR tool from "useful links" at the top towards the right on this webpage, Re-start your computer. After which install MAVP 2010 product using the CD by selecting the option "Install from the CD" and then you will be able to register/activate your new McAfee product.


          Good luck,




          Rakesh P

          McAfee Technical Support

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            I did as you worte in your reply and uninstalled the software and reinstalled after restarting from the CD and I am still experienceing the same messages as in the original post.  any other ideas?





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              I am also having problems activating my product. I am a government employee and am entitled to use McAfee  Antivirus and Firewall for free through their license. I downloaded and installed it and it works for awhile, then asks me to activate it. When I try, I get the Activation in Progress screen with a green bar moving back and forth. It says "Please wait a moment while we connect to McAfee.com.", but it never does. It just sits there, running continously. I have no problem with my internet connection and can go to McAfee.com myself, but then what?