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    Security Center 10 is the worst interface EVER! - This is my Feedback!

      The GUI to this newest version of McAfee is the most non-userfriendly interface EVER!  McAfee has never released a version where you can resize the window to full screen and I've been using it since there was a Security Center.  All this time, I just beared with the small windows and scrolling up and down and left and right to read through the information, but this newest version takes that to another level.  You literary can't read anything without tediously scrolling each element one-by-one especially in the Restore window to check was file have been quarantined.  This is ridiculously incessant.  It is also worth noting that I had reinstall the Security Center over and over and rollback my system several times before the update from version 9 worked correctly.  Then once it actually worked, I was totally outraged by this awful, awful program.  And by the way, when I updated, none of my preferences carried over to the new version.  After trying to navigate through this horrible blunder they call an upgrade, I had enough and rollbacked my system once again to version 9 and now I refuse to update my software!  As a long time subscriber to your software, I should not have to agonize over a program which should be benefitting my computer rather than hindering it when I can just install one of many free virus and firewall softwares without the headache.

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          Is there anyone out there from McAfee reading these posts? Are they going out of business? If so, I wish they would just say so, so we can start looking for another virus scan program. They can't even fix the problem with Shutdown that has been going on for weeks. Up until now, I had always trusted McAfee to keep my PC trouble free from Viruses, but I certainly have doubts about their future support. I think someone at a high level from McAfee should explain to us about what is going on.

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            Peter M

            Is this gang up on McAfee day or what?  Cranheim I answered your last thread some 9 months ago satisfactorily or so I thought.   This board is mainly peer-to-peer support. The ultimate help is available via Technical Support Chat via Useful Links above.  From the original post I can only assume that the poster is handicapped in some way although that hasn't been explained, as the user interface is perfectly legible to me.   I can only assume that some abnormal resolution settings are being used as I've never had to scroll in any direction to read mine.


            Perhaps Beaukup could explain if there he/she is using "Ease of Access" settings and what monitor resolution settings are being used?  Details of the operating system and service pack would also be useful to know.


            As I said, Technical Support Chat may be able to help with visual issues.


            The user interface has never been adjustable although we have made a case of it to be at some stage in the future.


            Rolling back the interface and not accepting updates is leaving your machine open to infection as the application will eventually malfunction, so not a very good idea.



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              I'm with you; the McAfee Security Center interface sucks monkey chunks. I paid for this unpleasantness when I purchased my Dell laptop, but freedom draws closer with each passing day, as the subscription will expire! Unless, of course, I uninstall the product first.


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