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    ePO 4.0 automated Task failed


      Hi,  We have some automated task to run on a monthly basis.

      The task runs a query on the top 10 threats detected in a month.

      These task runs on different groups, most completes without problems, but these two fails.

      Anyone seen these types of errors?




      the query runs properly, but the automated task fails with the following errors:


      6/1/10 8:21:32 AM  Started: Run  Query 

      6/1/10 8:21:48 AM  Completed: Run  Query (The query 'xxxx- Top 10 Threats Detected for the last month' was run as a  scheduled command or part of a scheduled command chain. ) 

      6/1/10 8:21:48 AM  Started: Export  to File - xxxx_Top_10_Threats_Detected_Monthly.html 

      6/1/10 8:27:00 AM  RPT - xxxx-  Monthly (Export to file (xxxx_Top_10_Threats_Detected_Monthly.html) has an  invalid input.) 



      6/1/10 8:24:35 AM  Started: Run  Query 

      6/1/10 8:25:31 AM  RPT - xxxx-  Monthly (null)