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    Why can't I get the Scheduled Scan menu?

      Since the 5958 fiasco, I have no Scheduled Scan menu and as a result I can't stop McAfee scanning continuously.  I recovered from the 5958 problem using the standard remedy and about the same time received the new format (the 'simplified' vertical layout).  Since then, when I click on 'Scheduled Scan settings' absolutely nothing happens.  The menus above and below work fine.  McAfee Internet Security always scans and when it has finished it waits 10 minutes and starts all over again.  I have re-installed McAfee to no effect.  I am running a typical Win 98 SP3 with nothing extraordinary and everything else works perfectly.  Windows and McAfee have automatic updates set.  McAfee Level 2 support took over my computer for two solid days and were unable to resolve the issue.  I am at my wits' end and desperate to switch to a different antivirus.  Any ideas?

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          Peter M

          Win 98 SP3?  The software isn't compatible with Win 98 which is an obsolete operating system anyway, do you mean XP SP3 by any chance?


          Try running the MVT to see if it will effect repairs:  http://mvt.mcafee.com/


          If not try a complete uninstall in the normal way through Control Panel/Add or Remove Programs


          Then use the MCPR removal tool listed under Useful Links above, reboot and reinstall your software from the online account.


          Also make sure that your operating system is totally up to date using the Custom check in Microsoft Updates (as against Windows Updates) and that utilities such as Java, Flash etc. etc. are also.


          Also check for and turn off any software that may compete with McAfee.


          When the MVT is finished post the log here.







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            Yes Win XP!  Many thanks for this.  I did everything you said and it seems to have righted itself.  Strangely though, I'd re-installed and run MCPR and MVT several times before, as did the Level 2 guys.

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              Peter M

              Isn't that weird.  Nothing surprises me any more...LOL.


              Anyway, all the best.