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    VirusScan 8.7i and Office 2010?

      Does VirusScan 8.7i email scan officially support and work with Office 2010?



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          It does not, and there are no plans to extend support to Outlook 2010 with VSE 8.7i.


          However, the next release of VSE is planned to support it, version 8.8. This is targeted for release in Q4 this year.

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            Don't Microsoft's "partners" work with Microsoft anymore to ensure that new products are supported from day of launch?


            If not, why not?


            You're not the only ones, McAfee, so don't take it personally (though, having said that, taking it personally might just be the motivator that your business needs).


            Symantec has also dropped the ball on this one with a similar long wait for Outlook 2010 and Exchange 2010 support in Enterprise Vault.

            Am I the only one who finds this cavalier attitude to loyal customers appalling?


            Thought not.





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              I guess your are not alone? I've most of the products in boxes waiting for support for Windows 7/Windows 2008 x64 versions










              McAfee has decided to ruin their reputation by 'withholding' compatibility with new products. They have great products; that is, if you can actually get it running. Eversince I came to IT, I hear one thing - "3months is an year in IT". For McAfee, 3 years is an year.I pay more money to microsoft than I pay to any other vendor. Why the hell should I not use their latest products? we are small business with enterprise products.When I want to show ROI to management by developing a Windows 7/ Windows 2008 R2 project, McAfee says "can't do! We are microsoft gold partner and we have just come to notice that there is a new OS in town! Heck, we were thinking that the world will end with XP and nobody would ever use 64-bit."


              Security is only good if it can counter the latest threats. I really hope v8.8 of antivirus can scan web traffic and antipsyware can detect registry, in-browser and memory spywares. From their own enterprise architect: McAfee is still deciding on whether they want to continue developing patch management products. So remediation manager's roadmap seems to be short one. McAfee only listens to few of its customers such as DoD, Wallmart and the likes. McAfee gives importance to the features they choose. Good luck with that in  a long run. Small Businesses generate more business than Fortune 1000s.


              At last when McAfee 'supports', it basically means that you are now eligible to raise a support ticket if you used their product on that platform. 'support' does not necessarily mean, It will work as hand and glove.


              Host DLP x64 is coming in october with support for Windows 7 x64, I wonder if I have to wait again for it to support Office 2010 x64. By the time its 'supported', it will be Windows 10 and Office 2012.


              What's up with these product names? McAfee Web Gateway & McAfee Web Security!!!!!!!!! Integrity Monitor, Integrity Control??? This is not 1990 where you can make one product to install and another to uninstall. Why should I need only a monitor if I cannot act upon based on what I see? It should be one product. Remember the tragedy with Intrution Detection Systems (IDS). They learned the hard way that there is no use in detecting the intrusion if it can not be prevented. Total Protection for Data without Mac products? Total protection for compliance without integrity control, change control and remediation? What are the marketing people eating for breakfast? Aren't you guys aware of other companies doing the same business as you do? do a search and find out the innovative ideas from smaller companies. Buy that webroot spysweeper for god's sake. It's 1000% better than McAfee anti-spyware. or use malwarebytes engine like Symantec does.


              Also, tell up what's next. so we can be prepared. release roadmaps for at least 6 months in advance so that we can expect, plan, budget as required. Give us access to demo version of enterprise products, not just AV and antipsyware.


              Lastly, please do not mess up ePO. It's such a great product. Why can't other teams learn a lesson of two from ePO team?





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                some good points there......


                and got to love epo

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                  I have created KnowledgeBase article KB69027 which will be published by close of business tomorrow (Friday).


                  This article reflects the latest support information on VSE 8.7i working with Office 2010.


                  This article will be updated as more information becomes available and may be good to bookmark in your KnowledgeBase favourites.



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                    easy1ndian wrote:

                    Buy that webroot spysweeper for god's sake. It's 1000% better than McAfee anti-spyware.

                    I disagree- I currently use that as our AS and we are moving off it. It also has a very un-user friendly interface and has not had any improvements to the server software for years.

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                      for me, it has been really useful over the years. I've not tried it on servers though.

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                        No neither have I.

                        Guess it depends on where your staff go to and what fantastic malware they can discover.