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    MEGA test of all antivirus .. and suggestion for MCAfee


      i was just reading this article at :

      http://www.raymond.cc/blog/archives/2010/02/03/best-performing-speed-and-memory- usage-antivirus-and-internet-security-for-2010/#comment-477792


      i am pointing to its specific content :


      Test 6: Detection
      - Bifrost trojan being crypted with Incognito to avoid  detection. Theoretically it should bypass all antivirus scan time  because each stub is nearly 100% unique, thanks to the polymorphic  generator. This test will show how good is the runtime scan of an  antivirus (heuristic).
      Antivirus Heuristic Detection Test




      NOTE that MCAFEE failed in the test which was dissapointing ( as i accepted my favorite av to secure good)..


      though i am not considering other factors since its 2009 ver and 2010 ver vud be better than this.


      as some people reported why their AV could not clear , so i am doing same to spread awareness to MCAfee team and  want to know what could be possible reason for that miss ??