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      I use the total security program. i noticed a trojan that seemed to appear only on fulll scans.I now can not use admin user account and unable to open certain files.I need help. i can not download files/programs ,because system ask for admin password and then rejects download.



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          McAfee recently posted a link to help customers with issues regarding viruss and malware.

          Required Reading - Home User Assistance Malware Troubleshooting


          If after trying the above steps and still experience issues, then I'd suggest you try running www.malwarebytes.org and www.superantispyware.com both programs have a free version and catches a lot of stuff. I would suggest you rename the download file to something you can easily remember and do the same for the installation folder. Virus and malware are written sometimes to recognize programs that pose a threat to them thus by protecting themselves by renaming them you can get around this. You may have to download these onto a usb stick on a non infected computer since you mentioned you cannot download files or programs. When you do get them installed check for the latest updates and then run the scan. Let them clean everything they find and reboot the computer. Then do the same for the other program. Let us know how this works for you.

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            That was great advice only thing the trojan showed the correct name of each program. I had renamed them before trying to run them, the trojan stopped me dead.


            Thanks for the help, because i will try most anything