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    Difference between "Detected" and Removed

      I use McAfee Total Protection.  Under "View Security Report" it shows that 2 Trojans and 72 Tracking Cookies were "detected".  If it detects these problems, does that mean it also removed them?  If not, how do I set the controls in order to actually remove or at least totally isolate these threats?  And why does McAfee use the expression "Detected" when its users want these things completely removed?

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          Click the red McAfee shield in your taskbar and Security center will open up, then click on Navigation, then look for Quarantined and Trusted Items the click on Quarantined Items it will open up and you will see the trojans that were detected and when they were detected. If you delete them then the next time you run a scan and provided your system is clean it will then report to you 0 trojans and ....tracking cookies