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    Slow to Backup

      Is it normal to take a huge amount of time to backup the database to an external source?  I kicked off a backup of my database (approx 10 GB) about 3 hours ago and it is only about 10% complete.

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          depends on how smart your backup software is - yes, it could I guess.


          of course it depends on what the source and destination bandwidths are, how busy the server is, whether you are on a san/nas/das etc. Too many variables really .

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            How many objects (users and machines) do you have in your database? 9 hour full backup time might be needed for 200K of objects.

            Do you have database index(cache) enabled and working properly? What settings do you use for backup?

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              How does the name index affect the backup time?

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                I have about 60,000 objects.  I am doing a straight file copy of the SBData directory from a server that is going to be retired to a new server that will be replacing it.  I'm trying to get a feel for how long the process is going to take.  Name Indexing is set to "Yes" in the DBCFG.ini and it is working properly as far as I know...is that what you were asking?

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                  I would suggest to make a backup test to another folder/drive on the same server as database.

                  Just to see how fast(slow) that will go, avoiding network issues altogether.