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    Another redirect problem, please help

      I am also having a redirect problem online, especially with Google but also other sites.  In addition, whenever I restart I cannot get online until I go to Run - services.msc - DHCP Client - start the service. Even though it is set to "automatic', it still doesn't start the service until I do it manually.   Mcafee scans do not find the problem.  Malwarebytes antimalware finds problems but doesn't fix this problem.  Any help will be very much appreciated.

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          See my reply to fatbrett2 "Another guy with a search engine redirect issue". It sounds like my problem is exactly the same as meandmyself's. Mischievous redirects plus failure of "automatic" services to start. Can anyone help us?

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            I am having similar problems.  In addition to the search redirects, I would have to manually start DCHP Client to get network and internet capabilities, and I could not connect to Windows Update (the page would not display). And my modem would freeze up after a while and not answer the phone.  Malwarebytes and McAfee did not find any threats.  I used several other antimaleware programs, each found stuff and deleted it all but the redirect problem persists and the network connectivity got worse to the point that I could not even start DCHP client manually.   I eventually found that Tcpip.sys was missing from the system32/drivers file so I replaced it with one from the i386 file.  Now my networking and internet ability ot connect to Windows update is back to normal....modem seems to be working fine so far.  The redirect problem persists.  I also noticed a change in my display appearance particularly fonts in the task bar; that has resolved too.  The redirect problem wont go away.  The other malware programs I used were Super Anti-spy Free,  A squared free, Avenger, SpyBot.  One or more of those cleaned alot of problems up except for the redirect problem.

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              Thanks for the reply.  I found a tcpip.sys file in the folder you mentioned, so I think that is not my problem.  I ran "Stinger" frm Mcafee in both the safe mode and regular mode and that has not helped me either, so I am still looking for a solution.

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                This is what worked for me:


                I contacted Microsoft Support and they suggested I download Microsoft Security Essentials from http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?displaylang=en&FamilyID=e1605e70 -9649-4a87-8532-33d813687a7f. As per their instructions, I uninstalled Ad-Aware, HijackThis, and Spybot, and disabled McAfee Live Scan and McAfee Firewall. I ran MSE full scan; it identified a problem with Win32/PowerRegScheduler. I clicked on "Clean Computer". It reported "Status: Succeeded". Since then I have been able to run Windows update, I have had no Service Start failures in several consecutive restarts, and I have not had any Browser redirects.


                I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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                  Many thanks to everyone who tried to help me.  Since my last post I am pretty sure that my problem has been fixed.  Someone suggested using Hitman Pro 3 from Cnet.  I was to run it in safe mode but my computer would not do that so I ran it in regular mode.  It found a file called "pciide.sys" which is normally a good file but must have been corrupted by malware.  After Hitman Pro (free trial version) removed that file, I was able to get online normally again, no more redirects to advertising pages, WindowsUpdate began working again, my computer is running much more quietly, reboots go much faster, and I think more problems have been solved than I even realized I had.  I hope this information can help anyone else with this problem.