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    please help

      my computer is making a crunching noise,like its eating something. when this started several other problems came with it, for one its suddenly running very VERY slow,



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          What kind of computer do you have? What operating system does it use? What web browser do you use? When did this problem start? Your post doesn't provide much to go on as far as troubleshooting is concerned.

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            I have a dell laptop,it started "crunching" 2 days ago while i was in igoogle. it just started out of nowhere. im not computer savvy AT ALL, but i dont "subscribe" to any internet service, i just plug in and log on. but when it comes on it says im using netgear. and it makes this terrible noise no matter WHERE im surfing, or WHAT im doing, its consantly doing this every 7-8 seconds, and just lasts about 3 seconds, just like its eating,,,,crunch,crunch,cunch...............crunch,crunch,crunch............... .crunch,crunch,cruch.....etc,,,

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              Tom asked you what operating system XP Vista or Win 7?


              Sounds like hard drive is being accessed. Do a ctl+alt+del ie open the task manager by pressing all three keys above. Go to processes and click on cpu column. Wartch it and see what is accessed when "eating" resumes.


              It is possible that your hard drive is failing how old is the laptop?  Try above suggestion 1st then we will check further.



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                im so sorry, i didnt mean to be so vague, im so computer retarded. i have windows xp, i have no clue how old it is, it was a gift so i really didnt wanna ask, ya know, but it also says latitude d810 on it, so i guess thats the model, it probably means more to you, than it does me, lol, i have NO CLUE LOL. I tried control, alt, delete, and nothing happened. is there another way to open the task manager? i looked all over and, couldnt find another avenue..



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                  CTL +alt+del is standard way to get to the task manager I would assume you are not doing all 3 together.


                  Ok another way right click your mouse on a blank area of the task bar ie the bar along the bottom of the page and select task manager.


                  Open processess tab and click on cpu get it to show highest at top. Note any program that turns up there when noise present.


                  Also no cd in the cdrom drive?

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                    lol, no i was pushing all 3 buttons at once, i remember that from trying to learn dos (VERY unsuccessfully) when i was in jr high.   how do i get it to show the highest number on top? its just scrolling through all by itself. also my cursor jumps around all on its own while im typing, and i have to look at the keyboard while im typing , so my cursor is CONSTANTLY jumping back up into the middle of my paragraph, and jumbeling up my entire message. THIS is EXTREMLY annoying, as it does it SOOOO MUCH. also, no,no disc in the drive.  p.s. my cursor has jumped around at least 4 times just while typing this.could this be a virus?     o.k. 8 times ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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                      Sorry been asleep down here is australia. The cpu list you click on word cpu that orders it top to bottom or visa versa.


                      The jumping cpould be mouse got another.


                      To check if you are infected first

                      Go to start control panel and system amd post ram size and service pack for XP.



                      http://community.mcafee.com/docs/DOC-1294 and do what they suggest. If you find anything try to send a copy to Mcafee as mentioned there


                      If no chop try some of the free scanners for malware such as





                      When installed update both. Sometimes best to download setup file renamed ie not accept default same for default folder it installs in this as some malware look for and block known scanners.


                      Good luck