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    Dell Latitude E6510 freeze after pre-boot login

      I have a brand new latitude D6510 with Windows 7 preloaded on it.  I installed EEPC agent and software to it and the disc encrypted (took forever with its 216GB HD).  After it was done, I rebooted and it froze on me immediately after entering my password and pressing enter.  The password box went away, but it froze with the mcafee pre-boot background still there and the mouse pointer.


      I tried an emergency boot and got to the desktop, but the EE status was Recovery and I couldn't remove EE via policy.  It did nothing.   I removed EE with the safetech disk, but it was taking too long, so I re-applied a non-encrypted image I took of the PC before McaFee was applied.


      Now, my question is, could this "freeze-up" be due to the computer coming pre-built with a C and a D drive?  The D drive was formatted as fat 32 and used for system recovery. Since the re-imaging, it no longer has the D drive, so I am re-encrypting as we speak and will see if the issue reoccurs.


      Should we not be encrypting both drives?  I know Vista laptops also come this way from dell, but the one I have been testing with didn't have the D drive because it was done over previously.



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