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    DumpUserAudit Script Command Failing With Error e0000010


      I've successfully run a script every week for months to dump and clear user audits (we're running autoboot so we have shared IDs). For the last two weeks, the script has only dumped some of the audit records and terminated with an e0000010 on the primary ID. This is apparently an error due to an invalid date/time so perhaps there's a machine somewhere with "Invalid date/time. Clock is reporting a time before 1992 or after 2038". Even though the error is thrown, the log is still cleared; i.e. the rest of the audit records are simply discarded. Luckily we don't care about autoboot user ID audits!


      Is there anything I can do about this such as finding the source of the error. I'm concerned because there are user ID audit logs we will eventually want to dump and clear but we can't do that if we can't trust the DumpUserAudit command not to blow up and throw away data.