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        Hello everyone. Seems I'm having the same issue as everyone else but my situation maybe be a tad bit different. I purchsed the upgrade pack online (2010 TP) and is supposed to protect 3 PCs. Currently I have 2 PCs in my network. One running Windows 7 and one running XP. The install went flawless on my Windows 7 machine, but when trying to install on the XP machine I keep getting the "installation incomplete" error. I tried all the work arounds, but to no avail. is there something else I should try.


        On a side note, this is really disappointing as I've been using McAfee for years now. But when purchasing this version, there are no warnings on the website about incompatibilities with Windows XP, which is very misleading and mis-informative. In the long run McAfee is going to lose alot of it's loyal customers do to this. After reading the previous post and if this isn't resolvedin a timely manner, I'm inclined to just ask for a refund.

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          In your case I would let the techs from Chat clean up your PC ready for an install and install it for you.  Chat is found ion the technical services link above in useful links tab.


          I assume you followed http://service.mcafee.com/faqdocument.aspx?id=TS100119


          No other AVs?


          Mcafee is not incompatible with XP I use it on my test box and the family have 4 installs on XP. No issues They fixed the outstanding xp issues a month or so back

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            Even if you are using McAfee for a long time there may be various reasons for the installation to fail. However, as Peacekeeper has mentioned follow the KB doc ID, also check for Windows Update. Make sure you install all the available Priority/ required optional updates without fail and re-try the installation

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              and those who have been emailed check you email (spam folder sometimes has the email) and get in contact with Aldrin or Dinz who emailed you. They should fix this up for you.

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                I was hopeful that the KB you recommended would lead to better results on my attempts to reinstall McAfee Internet Security Suite. Alas, MCPR still says it's successful, as does the presinstall program. As before, the download and installation runs smoothly until the bitter end, when McAfee reports that it still will not install: "Installation incomplete - we couldn't install any of the security features included with your software."  As I said before (see yeldahtron up-thread), MCPR runs, and mccleanup.txt shows that no registry keys nor directories exist that need to deleted.  A simple survey using regedit, looking for keys that contain "mcafee," shows that the keys do indeed exist; the MCPR doesn't seem to have the priviledge required to test for even the existence of these keys.  Better still, since I last posted, after running MCPR,  I can now no longer run Windows Media Player without getting "Server Execution Failure."  However, if I "run as administrator", WMP works fine... if you call that working. Suggests that registry key ownership has again been compromised.  Others report having this issue (see:  http://social.answers.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/w7pictures/thread/62cf2a4d-ac61 -48df-82ad-e51902e74291)


                I have now spent more effort trying to resolve this problem (McAfee firewall settings become corrupt, and then I can't do a clean reinstall of the fully-paid-for product in an attempt to resolve the issue) than I have spent eradicating viruses and trojans that managed to sneak by the other AV/FW protection suites I have used on other computers past (and I've lived a while).  Seems like the medicine is worse than the disease.  I am now faced with doing a bare-metal Windows7 install to get my machine back in order. (More time; more white-knucle effort!)  Not sure if when I restore everything if I will bother to resinstall my paid McAfee service.  Might be easier to cancel my subscription and try something else.

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                  Please reply back to the email that I have send you, so that we shall get in touch with you in order to help and fix your issue

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                    McAfee won't install. Windows XP Same issue just spent three days with McAfee techs, senior techs, countless chat and remote access sessions, they told me that it is a windows issue, called Dell spent hours with them on remote session ($129.00), still a McAfee installer issue. This all started after an update from McAfee a couple of months age, now I have a subscription that I can't use time to switch vendors for anti virus, too bad the product really worked well now is space junk.

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                      PM Aldrin and ask him to check out your issue. Give him any case number you have from the other sessions as well as contact details and suitable time to call you. Just reinstall son's PC 2 days ago all easy peasy so something is clashing.


                      To PM him click on his name and send PM message top right

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                        Thanks sent him my case number, Have installed MS Essentials and works great, this is definently a McAfee issue

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                          Got your PM thanks, please check my reply PM as well

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