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    Installer won't install

      Hi iv'e been having some difficulties with Mcafee.  It started with it not being able to update and when I took a closer look I found the Real-Time scanning was and and the Firewall.  Neither of them would turn on no matter what i tried so i asked my brother what to do because he is a computer science major and he said to just uninstall it and download it again from my account.  I did all of that but when i when to install it the installer stop 3/4 of the way through and said "Installation Incomplete" and "We could not install any of the products onto the computer."  It started messing up around the time of the last major update with the style change.


      Thanks for any help,

           Jason Turner

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          Did you know about using the MCPR removal tool found at the top of this page under Useful Links? MCPR removes any remnants from a previous installation and often problems such as yours are taken care of once MCPR removes everything. Uninstall via Add/Remove and reboot, then run MCPR and reboot. Log in to your online McAfee account and download your software. Let us know if you continue to have any more issues concerning this.



          on 5/27/10 5:36:58 PM EDT
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            and before you reinstall run the PREINSTALL tool

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              I tried this and it did not work it can up with the same incomplete message

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                Did you try the virtual technician? Try my preinstall tool I assume you were reinstalling while I was posting that. The preinstall tool needs doing before you install so if MVT no chop you need to run MCPR again.


                You did not ever have another AV program installed? PC date and time correct?


                Will look further



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                  I did all that you said and it still doesn't work.  I used the Virtual tech. before i even post here and that didnt work.  I ran the MCPR  and rebooted then used the preintall and then the installer and it didnt work.  I never had any other AV program on this besides Mcafee.

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                    Date etc ok? I will dig a bit further but what suggested usually worked maybe try another server  ie change the country choice from yours to say Australia. Maybe your server sucks today

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                      The installer is on my computer but when i go to install Mcafee it loads about halfway then stops. the date/time was fine.

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                        As I mentioned try another server. Back now so will look into this more this afternoon. I surpose you can restore back to a wekk or so back and then use the removal tool maybe this will help.


                        Did you click on the mcafee support link ie try a chat with a technician. If he cannot help ask for it to be escalated.



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                          I have the same exact problem. We went through it with a technician. She removed McAfee, used the clean up tool and after many reboots we started the process of reinstalling Mcafee. It was expected that the installation would work but it didn't. The installer returned the message "Installation incomplete. We couldn't install any of the security features included with your software. To fix this you can ...." Basically telling me to repeat what I had already done which didn't work.


                          My initial Service Request number:  549471712


                          Any suggestions as how to proceed?





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