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    McAfee E-mail Scan Error!!!

      Many users at my firm are receiving the following error message. How can I resolve this immediately! Please Help!!!

      Email Scan error.bmp

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          which version of antivirus? engine? patch number? what operating system? service pack level? Which version of outlook and service pack?




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            Thank you for getting back to me. My environment consist of the following:


            EPO Server 4.5 Sp1, - Running on Windows Server 2003 SP 2 fully patched.


            Running Artemis, with 'Enable on-delivery email scanning' checked in EPO.


            Mcafee Agent 4.5 , With VSE 8.7i, patch version 3, scan engine 5400.1158 with latest DAT file 5998.


            Front end stations are all running Windows XP service patch 2. Outlook 2003 SP 3.


            Let me know if you require additional information. Any solutions you may have will be most helpful. Thanks again!

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              My company experienced a similar error when we updated from VSE 8.7 from VSE 8.0.  I am not saying this is exactly the same problem, but it might head you in the right direction.  Check the add-ins inside Outlook.  For Outlook 2007 its under Tools>Trust Center>Add-ins.  We had a version of VSE listed in there that was no longer correct.  We disabled\removed this add-in.  Additionally you can close Outlook, search and find "Extend.dat" and delete this file then launch Outlook again.  Outlook will re-create "Extend.dat".


              Again try\check these out at your own risk.  I am not sure our problem is exactly what you are experiencing. 

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                I expect disabling the Exchange Scan add-in from Outlook's add-in manager will remove the error.

                It also disables the Email Scan feature, so, not recommended unless it's redundant - such as you have an Exchange Scanner already in place.


                Assuming you want to keep Email Scan enabled, check if you have any hotfixes installed for VSE. You can identify them by the "hotfix_xxxxx" string at this location in the registry:

                HKLM\Software\McAfee\DesktopProtection, where xxxxxx is a 6 digit number.


                Support have received a few reports of this behavior, and it's believed to be tied to a particular hotfix. Cause unknown but investigation is in progress.



                - disable the exchange scanner

                - if you've applied a hotfix recently, revert back to pre-hotfix files (and live with the issue the hotfix addressed)

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                  Thank you William Warren and kire98 for getting back to me with positive suggestions.


                  I definitely want to keep Email Scan enabled because it has been working beautifully until recently. So disabling the Exchange Scan add-in from Outlook's add-in manager is not a solution I would like to consider just yet.


                  The problem is not redundant so far, but I would like to prevent it from becoming redundant. Therefore I will try all suggestions and keep you all updated of my progress. Thanks again.

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                    Just to clarify......


                    the addin used by 8.5 was called exchange scan

                    the addin used by 8.7 is called outlook scan


                    if you upgrade to 8.7 with outlook open then you may have the wrong one ticked so YES turn off both in the outlook addin menu (then close outlook) and delete extend.dat then go back into outlook and enable the Outlook scan option that should be there.

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                      I had 8.7 running on my PC for many months without any issues. Then after installing Hotfix 539488, I began to experience the intermittent error appear. (Maybe once every 2 days) When I look at VirusScan, the On-Delivery E-mail Scanner does not appear to be disabled/not running so all I do is close my Outlook and restart it to correct the problem. The problem does not appear to be related to whether or not an attachment is present in the message received.


                      While one suggestion was to disable the On-Delivery E-mail Scanner because I have GroupShield and a gateway scanner, I've had some cases where infected messages got through and were detected by the On-Delivery E-mail Scanner. So disabling this feature is not an option I'm willing to entertain at this moment.


                      I still suspect it may be the hotfix, but haven't gone as far as removing VirusScan and reinstalling it on my PC. (Hasn't reached annoying enough to do something about it) No other users with VSE 8.7i with P3 are experiencing this e-mail scan problem because I have not installed the hotfix on their clients yet.

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                        You are exactly correct. This issue occurred one day after installing Hotfix 539488. Though I've performed many of the posted suggestions, the problem still persist. The only solution that I've found, which I did not want to do, but the helpdesk calls kept on coming in, was to disable On-Delivery Email Scanner on my EPO server.


                        Unfortunately, all updates to my clients are pushed from an EPO server therefore many of my client already received the Hotfix 539488 on their workstations.


                        What I need to figure out is, How do I remove the Hotfix 539488 from the workstations without having to visit each one? I've already removed it from my EPO server.


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                          Hi Tes,


                          So I tried the above suggestion of deleting the extend.dat, which would force Outlook to recreate the file and match it up with the correct plugin, but I can tell you that didn't work for me. My PC would continue to generate the errors. It does not appear to be uninstallable either so I ended up having to uninstall and reinstall VSE 8.7i on my PC and so far, <knock on wood>, has not generated any more errors for me.


                          Hopefully you'll find out a solution that will work as it doesn't appear you'll be able to rollback the hotfix through ePO. Hopefully it isn't one of those uninstall/reinstall VSE jobs...

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