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    FS850 and MVM3000



      Just a quick question on the new mvm300 applaince

      We are currently running with 2 fs1000 (database and manager) +a single fs850 that does our scanning

      we have attempted to buy additional fs850's but have been told that this is not possible and that we need to buy the MVM3000 appliance

      Ist  question is this correct

      2nd question is the MVM3000 compatable with our fs1000 setup

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          Yes the FS850 appliance is no longer being sold. The MVM3000 is the replacement for the FS1000 and is really just a hardware platform. The software you run on that hardware platform is what needs to be compatable and as long as its the same supported version you will not have any issues.


          Jeff Haynes

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            Hi Jeff


            What version does the MVM3000 support


            we are running 6.5  at the moment but hope to upgrade withing the next few months

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              You have asked me a trick question. We first need to define what you mean by support.


              If you mean what version of the software will run on the MVM3000 then the answer is all of them.


              If you mean what is officially supported the question gets a bit more complicated.The MVM3000 must be thought of as just a hardware platform and we will support that hardware for many years. I don't know offhand how many. You currently have 3 options as to which McAfee Vulnerability Manager software you want to install (6.5 , 6.7, 6.8). 6.5 goes end of life next month so we will officially stop supporting it at that point.


              Jeff Haynes



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                Hi Jeff


                Thanks for the information

                just wanted to make sure the mvm3000 will work with 6.5 as thats what we are running at the moment


                looks like i will have to get going on the upgrade to 6.8


                once again thanks for the help