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    High cpu load

      After each 6-9 hour of working MWG7 show 100 or 200% cpu load. Even if all this time none active session.

      And reseting only with reboot.


      Hardware: Proliant 360 G5 4xCPU (2 physical, 4 logical) 3Ghz Xeon 5160 2Gb RAM.

      OS: VMWare ESXi 4 update 1.

      App: McAfee Web Gateway 7.



      From db1.jpg (in Last Update and in System Utilization) may see: after last update "McAfee Gateway Anti-Malware 2010/5/27 17:33:46" load cpu is grow.

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          Hi Kurbanov,


          Is this being reported by MWG7 or VMware? VMware them selves advise that CPU measuerments taken from with in the guest can be inaccutate due to the way that the host can schedual CPU time for the guest. I suggest checking waht the performance logs show for that VM in the VI console.



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            Please, see carefully on pictures:

            1. Till 17:33 load cpu is normal

            2. 17:33 peak on "Network Utilization", "System Utilization" and in "Last Update" Anti-Malware same time.

            3. After this, ALWAYS (i watch this every day), - high cpu, delay's in GUI and proxy. Until reboot.



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              for me it seems obvious that the MWG Core process is busy with something, utilizing the CPU at ~100%. Please file a Service Request and allow us to have a look at what is going wrong. Please attach a feedback which is created while you see the high CPU usage.




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                sorry I initially wanted to ask you to attach the feedback to the Service Request you have opened :-) However I have taken a look into the Feedback and it is visibie that the MWG core is consuming 100% of the CPU resources. It seems to point to one thread with the ID 27497, which is running activley for a pretty long time and is causing most of the CPU usage at the point of time the feedback was created.


                I think this should be analyzed by technical support and probably needs being escalated to development. Please have a Service Request filed and attach the feedback to that Service Request. Tech Support will be able to find out what exaclty is causing this behaviour and provide you with a solution.


                Further troubleshooting goes beyond what this community is used for.

                Please let me know if you have file a Service Request, I can have a look into it then.




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                  Well, has anyone figured this out?  I'm running ESXi 4.1 and McAfee VSE is CRUSHING my VM's!  Disk latency in the VM world in low low low but the guest CPU is high high high and they're running like dirt.

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                    Have you seen any more issues with high CPU on a more current version?  We have started to see high CPU, which according to support is the malware scanner.