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    ePO 4.5 Changed Repository Information in Policy- by itself!

      We ran into a situation today that defies (official) explanation so far. We have set up a single ePO 4.5.0 server with 39 superagent repositories. Most repositories are basically covering their own subnet at the end of a WAN link (for some higher use sites, we have enabled redundant repositories). For obvious purposes, we want our clients to only get their updates from the repositories local to their subnet, and avoid introducing WAN traffic at all costs.


      To that end, we have put in a place a policy for each and every site that specifically restricts the available repositories at that site to ONLY the local one. All other repositories are set to DISABLED status, including the ePO server. The specific settings we used were:

      1) Use THIS repository list (as opposed to use "other" repository list)

      2) Use ORDER in repository list (as opposed to either the ping time or subnet distance options)

      3) And we ticked off the Exclude new distributed repositories by default, just in case we added new SA repositories, we didn't want to have to come back and edit this policy.


      This worked fine for about 6 weeks. Today, we received alarms of high WAN traffic directed at the ePO server. Turns out clients were coming to the ePO server for the daily DAT update - something specifically prohibited by the policy.


      We were shocked to find out that the policy had somehow changed by itself. A review of the audit logs confirmed that no human interaction had occurred. In four of our policies, the proper/designated SA site had changed state to DISABLED, and the ePO server had become ENABLED.


      From our client's perspective, all appears well. They recieved a policy that stated the ePO server was now fair game to use as an update server. But what baffles us, and our McAfee engineer as well, is exactly how the policy changed?


      Right now, we have no answers.


      One thing the four sites that changed did have in common is that they were the sole repository for that site. As I mentioned before, some of our sites have a redundant set of repositories, and those were not affected.


      My theory is that somehow the superagent site became "de-registered" briefly, resulting in it being dropped as a valid repository as far as the policy was concerned. Then the ePO server, recognizing that a policy existed without a valid repository, valiantly stepped in and defaulted the ePO server itself as back to ENABLED status.


      That's just a theory. The SA sites in question had been successful in their last sync, so there was really no reason for the ePO server to drop them. In any event, this should have triggered an admin alert. Definitely NOT desirable is a default/uncontrolled action to ENABLE the ePO server. This caused a huge traffic problem on our WAN. We'd much rather that if a policy was not valid, that an alarm be raised and await human intervention. This ePO default action is a dangerous one.

      Anyway, I'm sharing our story in hopes that somebody else has seen this behavior. The McAfee engineer basically said that unless it happens again, it's not going to be escalated to the programming team for analysis (yes, that was a GOLD support answer, folks). We did enable additional logging levels, but unfortunately we're stuck waiting for this bug to strike again.


      Any help or corroboration would be appreciated.




      ePO Server 4.5.0

      Clients: 6000+ at 8.7 SP3



      on 5/26/10 9:50:01 PM CDT
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          Hi Kcherpj, I solving same problem. I can confirm same symptoms as you!

          Do you have some result?

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            No, unfortunately we have not received any explanation.


            Since my original posting, this same scenario has occurred once again.


            We did confirm that there is an internal process in ePO server called "ADMIN" that appears to automatically enable the first repository in the list when no other repositories are available (and in our list, the ePO server comes first alphabetically, so it is the one that gets enabled).


            So we're still back at square one - trying to figure out what combination of events causes the situation where no valid repositories exist and therefore what allows the ADMIN process to stealthily enable the first available repository. We're still working on the assumption that SuperAgent replication occasionally and randomly drops a repository from the "valid" list - and this is the cause of all issues.


            Maybe ePO SP 3 will address this somehow? We'll keep monitoring...

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              This may well be resolved in P3 - there was a defect which resulted in this symptom (unable to disable the master repo.) I would certainly give it a try


              HTH -



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                Well, SP3 has been out long enough without serious issues that we decided to take the plunge and install it.


                The first thing we noticed is that EVERY one of our profiles for our regional sites had the ePO server enabled as a valid repository. Thank you very much. So the first thing we had to do was go through all of our policies and manually DISABLE the ePO site.


                Now the waiting game begins to see if behavior will be stable. We haven't experienced any mysterious changes in the past few weeks, so who knows how frequently this bug attacks.


                SP3 seems to have improved performance in a number of areas, except now our SERVER TASKS screen pauses for a full minute before showing the contents. Other than that, everything else seems to be working fine. We now noticed that logging in can be done with the "enter" key, instead of having to click the LOGON icon - which is a pleasant change.


                I'll post any updates as they occur.

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                  So far, so good. No random changes thus far.


                  I have noticed an inordinate amount of superagent repository failures since the upgrade. But I believe this was a previously known issue, and that I may have to do an update on the agents installed on the SA machines.

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                    Hi Kcherpj,

                    I did apply Sp3 for ePo and  I am happy. Policy has set "OK".

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                      Well, I will declare our issue resolved since the update. No further incidents have occurred, and the server has been very stable. Still working on resolving the superdat repository replication failures (tracked in other forum posts), but this appears to be a known issue set to be resolved with an update in March.