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    Sending Quarantined files to McAfee


      I'm using McAfee Total Protection 2010 with the Windows 7 operating system.


      It picked off "Trojans" called BIBSystemTools.dll and Installer.dll when I installed Business-in-a-Box distributed by Individual Software and developed by BizTree.


      Is there available information about these "Trojans?"  Do I dare "Restore" them?  Where are quarantined files stored on the hard drive?


      Also... The "Send to McAfee" button does not work on my installation of McAfee TP.  See the error message shown below.  Anyone else experience this problem?  Do you have a solution?


      BiaB Pic.png

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          To answer the second question first I also get that error and apparently it's because thw protocol used to transmit that data is increasingly blocked by ISP's for whatever reasons.


          McAfee are aware of the issue and are looking into it.


          The only way to send something from quarantine at the moment is to disable virus protection and then restore the item for eventual submission as described here:  http://community.mcafee.com/thread/2016


          From your picture it looks like some software, "Business-in-a-Box", you have installed has been detected, possibly incorrectly.  The name Artemis is given to unknown detections and they are sent silently to McAfee anyway, so hopefully no action is required by you although I can't guarantee it being sorted out immediately.


          If you do want to query a false detection that is also described in that link.



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              Please provide us Artemis detections, we will check the issue further



              Neha Chattopadhyay

              McAfee SME

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                for me is not clear why the Artemis or potential virus is not sent automatically to the center to check if it is a risk.

                McAfee is able to determine the potential risk of the string so automatically it should be quarentine and from there re-transmitted to the Center lab and do not give the option to the user to delete it (removed). In addition, must be a site where we could check all those weird.. number attached to the Artemis like Artemis! 5972E6792FD1 what exactly mean those numbers???

                I was downloading a game from a McAfee trusted site and I still got the Artemis (Site: Games for Windows Live from Microsoft). Note during the installation process McAfee detected the Artemis so now I am not able to play because I am not sure if the infected file is the executable.



                File: C:\Program files(86)\Ubisoft\Price of Persia Warrior Within\PriceOfPersia.exe

                Process: C:\Windows\System32\msiexec.exe

                Process Description:Windows Installer

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                  Nitin Kumar



                  This sample is already analyzed as clean. Please confirm it.


                  Nitin Kumar
                  McAfee SME