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    Issues with HelpAssistant and SSO

      Hello everyone, this is my first post here so I hope I get this right...


      This only happens about once or twice a month to random users, which isn't a "big"

      deal right now, because we only have about 150 encrypted laptops.

      However, we are about to start rolling this out and will end up with a little over 1200

      encrypted laptops, so I can see it being a real issue down the road.


      Here's my scenario:


      A User calls helpdesk to get help with an Outlook issue; something non-McAfee related.

      The Helpdesk tech then uses remote assistance to assist the user and fixes their issue.

      However, the next day, or next week, when the user does a reboot, they receive an authentication error.

      The call gets escalated to Level 2 (me) and when I check the user’s SSO details in the Encryption Manager,

      I find their username is HELPASSISTANT.  Now, I can resolve the issue by entering their correct username and

      resetting their token, but WHY does this happen and HOW can we prevent it?


      Any thoughts, recommendations, appreciated.


      We are using McAfee Endpoint Encryption for PC, version, running XP Pro.