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    FS850 Offline/Dirty

      I have upgraded Foundstone to 6.8 and my FS850's have upgraded just fine. I can see them in the portal but they show as offline.


      When I looked at them in the "Engines" table of the SQL database they showed in the "Status" column as 0 (offline) and in the "Dirty" column they showed 1.

      I have manually changed it but it just reverts back to offline/dirty.


      I am not sure what this means or how to correct it. Wondering if anyone has seen this issue.


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          On the Manage Engines page there is a preferences button on each engine entry. Check to see if the network connectivity detection is enabled. If it is disable it and test again. If that doesn't work I'd open up an SR so we can pursue this further.


          Jeff Haynes

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            Hi Cedan,


            Did you ever get a resolution to the engines showing 'offline' in the EM and dirty in the database?



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              Hi Andy,

              Are you having an issue with your FS850?


              Jeff Haynes

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                Hi Jeff,


                Not an 850 but a Windows 2003 Scan Engine.


                When moving a database from a primary datacentre made up of a 3 seperate servers and 2 scan engines


                1. Enterprise Manger

                2. Database Server, FCM

                3. API, Reporting Server, Notifications, Scan Engine

                4. Scan Engine 1

                5. Scan Engine 2


                To the secondary datacentre with exact same components as above and same versions


                We restore the database, connect the FCM, Reporting, Notifications etc and all the agents of all the components including the scan engines.

                Make the change on the scan engine in the registry and make sure it is pointing to the database.


                We can login to the enterprise manager, and see all the scan data from the primary database, however the engines are showing 'offline'


                We get the following error on the scan engine, within the foundstone log:



                ERROR (0x80040e14; IDispatch error #3092) : Cannot execute as the database principal because the principal "faultline" does not exist



                When we look at the Faultline login, under security, user mapping the faultline database how nothing mapped (nothing ticked next to the database)


                When we try and place a tick next to the Faultline database in user mapping and select DBowner in the box below we get the error of:  faultline already exists in the database.......I believe this has something to do with the problem.

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                  Have you recreated your pushed out new certificates or created a new certificate authority in the FCM? This sounds like a complicated issue that it might be best to investigate on a remote session. If pushing out new certs doesn't work I'd open up a support ticket so we can take a more in depth look into your issue.


                  Jeff Haynes

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                    I did get it fixed. It appeared that after my restore the faultine database password was not synched up properly on the other scan engines. Not sure how that happened, but I reset the password and manually entered it in on the scan engines and it worked fine afterwards.