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    AV Update Failed question


      Today I received this email from one of my web gateways;



      Dear administrator,


      AV Engine update for 'McAfee: 5993-5400' failed. Please take a look at the errors.log.


      ---     Webwasher 6.8.6

      My errors log was reporting,


      [25/May/2010:11:23:52 -0400] Archive decoder exception '' when decompressing archives in AV Update



      Is this something I should be concerned about? Or is it something with the AV Update from you guys?



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          basically if you received the warning I would wait and check on the GUI later if a new version was downloaded and installed. It may happen from time to time that an AV update gets corrupted on it's way. As long as this is not a permanent error I would not pay too much attention to it.


          If you encounter this on a regular basis, please file a Service Request with Support to allow us to have a deeper look at the other log files as well.